Do you want to relax your mind and improve your sight?

Take care of your eyes with Okulox and return to a correct natural vision thanks to the Bates method.

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What is the Bates Method?

The method developed by Dr Bates aims at an education of the sight habits through mental relaxation and awareness. It is a holistic method, which is not based on 'eye gymnastics', but more on unblocking the strain that caused visual issues (short-sightedness, far-sightedness, hypermetropia...).
It can be considered as a kind of yoga for the eyes, meaning by that, a more holistic approach to mental relaxation.

In Okulox you will find the following exercises

Palming Palming

To lead a deep relaxation obtained through a total blackness and rest

Sunning Sunning

To stimulate the eyes to respond to changes in light intensity

Oscillazioni ampie Long swinging

To spontaneously perform the small and infinite involuntary eyes vibrations

Microcaratteri Fine prints

To improve the sharpness of the sight in the centre of the visual field

Delineare Edging

To get the eyes movements to become smoother

Flash memory Flash & memory

To improve the mind-eye connection remembering what you observed

Movimento occhi Eye movements

To regain the natural and continuous movement of the eyes for releasing eye strain

Massaggio Eyes/Face massage

To increase relaxation and blood circulation in the eye area

Blinking Blinking

To hydrate the eyes and to release mental strain

Movimento apparente Apparent Movement

To stimulate the attention to the periphery of the visual field


Characteristics of the App

  • 10 exercises for improving the sight
  • Completely customizable programs
  • Possibility to set up daily routines
  • Many useful tips to take care of your sight